Stand out copywriting

Build it and they will come.

How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get your readers to listen up?

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Every day we get bombarded by messages.  Whether it is online, in print or in our mailbox.  And every day we make a choice.  We choose which messages we address, which ones we trash, and which ones we ‘leave for now.’ 

The ones we choose to consider are the stand-outs.  They raise our curiosity.  They make us want to know more.  They’ve reached us in a place where we didn’t know we had a problem, with a solution we didn’t know was available.  They cut through the noise of all the others.

A hard sell may have worked 50 years ago but no longer does.  I get newsletters every day from an organisation that virtually shouts at me. I don’t unsubscribe as I keep those emails as a reminder of the type of writing I never want to use.

Do you feel the same? Would you rather not shove your message down an unwilling throat?  Would you like your clients to stop when they read your copy; to pause before hitting that trash icon, to do an about-face from their recycling bin. To say, ‘wait, this sounds interesting!’

As a business owner, you can be too close to your product or service.  You are personally aligned with it and cannot see anything but its fabulousness – of course yes!  But why doesn’t everyone see it?  

What you need is fresh eyes.  Fresh eyes which can look at it from an outside perspective. 

Here’s where I come in.

During our first briefing, we identify your target market. 

Then we ask, what are their problems? (Of course they have problems!)  And we look at solving those problems. 

We will discuss how your product or service can make life better for your clients.  What’s unique about it? Is it time saving?  Is it its pricing, its quality, its unique flavor? What will make your clients say: ‘I want it!’

Get those questions right, then get the answers right.  Use a copywriter who’s great with words (me!) and you’ll have your clients coming to you.

Write words right.  

Across your website.  

Across your blog posts.  

Across your feature articles, your brochures, your product pages, your email campaigns, your press releases, your reports, your speeches even.  

“If you build it, they will come,” says Kevin Costner’s character in the 1989 classic Field of Dreams

Dream big.  Write words right.  And they will come.