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Copywriters usually become writers.

I’m doing it the other way around.  And it’s all due to Covid-19.  This 2020 Virus has given me the much-needed shove to finally do what I’ve been dreaming about for many decades.

Write.SaidRose. (Dammit)

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Where Ro’s passion for writing began

It all started with my tongue-in-cheek newsletters from nearly two decades abroad in five different continents. These later morphed into a book, Tales of a Hotel Wife and Other Stories from Hell, now in its final draft.  

Next were three short stories: two published in expatriate anthologies, Once Upon An Expat and Knocked Up Abroad Again with the third currently awaiting publication in a Turkey Anthology.

From that,


was born

But all that writing was simply a glorious aside while I had a “proper” job working 9-5 in real estate, in IT, in travel…  Pre-kids, I had written dozens of press releases, sales material, promotional letters and advertising copy in my roles in the advertising and movie industries.  Post kids I wrote blog posts, reports, and edited/proof-read documents for various corporate clients.

Until Covid caused a reassessment of my future. 

Would I invest in myself and go it alone?

AlWrite.Said Rose!


First I polished my writing skills via several copywriting courses, attended multiple online seminars, subscribed to SEO journals, did an Overcoming Imposter Syndrome course through the University of Queensland ☺, was accepted into the NEIS (National Enterprise Incentive Scheme) Program, and completed the Micro Business Operations course.

So here I am.  I may not have the long arm credentials of most copywriters, but I write powerful words that stir, that engage, that sell.

I write words right.  

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