Stand out copywriting

How’s your Web Traffic?

Are they Cruising or Just Web-Surfing Through?

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Imagine you are entering a magnificent harbour.  For this particular exercise we’ll choose Sydney Harbour as it has often been classified the most beautiful harbour in the world.  (That it is my hometown has nothing to do with it, ok?)

There you are, cruising along in the Pacific Ocean and up ahead you see a gap between two towering sandstone cliffs. Moving in for a closer look you see the sparkling waves and cosy inlets of a harbour protectively bookended by North and South Heads.  Inside, Port Jackson Bay beckons with white foamy waves glistening off its sandy beaches, native trees swaying on the headlands, the Manly Fast Ferry kicking up foam as it heads towards its slotted spot at Circular Quay.

Do you say, cool, that was interesting, surf’s good but nah, and head back out of the Heads?  

Or do you venture in to the beckoning gleaming waters, and cruise further in to discover what lies ahead?  Whoa, look at that coat-hanger Harbour Bridge!!  And that Opera House (unkindly likened to a dish rack of white bowls for goodness sake!), how can it stay so white?!  And what about the Rocks, so tantalisingly close … and under the bridge and beyond, more treasures lie waiting…

Now don’t you want your website visitors to feel the same way?  Do you simply want them to find you on a Google Search, have a peak in and then surf right out?  Or would you like them to stay, cruising through your site as they find more and more to interest them?

Using the right copy (and yes, some nice images wouldn’t go astray either) will keep them with you.  Copy that stops them in their tracks.  Copy that has them thinking, hmm, I want to know more about this.  

Remember, write words right.  And they’ll stick around.