Nice Words from Others

"Ro came recommended to me when I urgently needed help on my latest project, Bukjehs of Hope. With very short notice, Ro wrote a press release and material for my project’s web page, and then went the extra mile by widely promoting the project among her contacts. I am so grateful for Ro’s support, her great writing skills, her unhesitating willingness to jump in and work with me at such short notice. Ro’s instant embracing of this pro bono work allowed me to focus on developing the project while she wrote great words about it."

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Aseel Tayah
Cultural Consultant/Creative Director/Art Producer
Aseel Tayah

"I was delighted to work with Ro, through the Australian School of Copywriting, on my She's The Boss business. Ro has a fantastic, creative way of looking at the required copy and she not only used a great tone, and paid attention to the details, she came up with a new way to present our offerings to our market. I was thrilled!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ro if you are looking for a writer who will go above and beyond to understand the brief and deliver on time. She's a fabulous writer."

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Jules Brooke
She's The Boss Pty Ltd

"Ro’s talent for persuasive writing was noticed within weeks of her joining our Marketing Department at Roadshow and as soon as I could, I promoted her to National Publicist for our Walt Disney movies. This involved not just publicity but writing copy for Point of Sale material and video cassettes, advertisements, movie trailers and press releases, all of which she did with flair. Ro can turn her hand to anything she wants to, I cannot recommend her more highly."

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Toni Hamilton
Formerly National Marketing Manager
Roadshow Home Video

“I hired Ro to help with the content of our website and found her to be professional, courteous and very easy to deal with. I had not appreciated just how important it was to have well-written website content and how that affected web visitors' abilities to find us, until Ro explained it all in a clear and helpful manner that I could actually understand. Ro went above and beyond what I had asked and I was extremely pleased with the result. I would definitely work with Ro again and highly recommend her services.”

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Helen Leris
Operations Manager
3D Tours Australia

"I just absolutely love Ro’s work, and could not critique a thing. She is clearly very thorough in her work, so there is really nothing for me to worry about, other than enjoy reading it."

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Robyn Vogels
Personnel Relocations

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